What I have accomplished so far

  • Study of Successful VAS platforms & their Feasibility in India
  • Study of robust VAS platforms (imode, m-pesa, GCash) for different applications in India
  • Business revenue models to be adopted for their implementation and feasibility
  • Differentiated/innovative services that can be offered to rural and urban markets
  • Challenges and future growth and market scenario with respect to the dynamic technological world
  • Preparation of B-Plan on ‘mHealth services for Indian population
  • Market Research for ‘The Impact of Implementation of MNP on IT employees’ using various tools on Minitab & SPSS
  • Presentation on ‘Various types of budgets prepared by companies for estimation of cash requirements
  • Presentation on ‘David Aaker’s Model for Nescafe, Kano’s model for refrigeration industry
  • Assignment on ‘The study of STP and marketing strategies of top DTH players in India
  • To develop a social media strategy and plan for any B2B segment for Avalon Consulting contest
  • Initiation of eSPIRE, the monthly entrepreneurship magazine
  • Design of complete strategy for the launch of a brand for IIM Calcutta, Intaglio, 09
  • Project on Effect of AttM lactonase in overcoming antibiotic resistance of Biofilms